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Ajinomoto gyoza duck 600gr

Price €10.95
Ajinomoto gyoza duck: Flavorful gyoza dumplings filled with succulent duck meat, perfect for pan-frying or steaming for a delicious appetizer or snack.

Bibigo vegan dumpling...

Price €4.85
Bibigo vegan dumpling Korean BBQ style: Vegan dumplings filled with savory BBQ-style ingredients, perfect for plant-based meals.

Bibigo dumpling with...

Price €8.60
Bibigo dumpling with chicken and vegetables: Dumplings filled with tender chicken and mixed vegetables, perfect for steaming or pan-frying.

Mooijer boneless chicken...

Price €9.85
Mooijer Boneless Chicken Legs: Tender and juicy boneless chicken legs, ready to be seasoned and cooked to perfection for a satisfying meal.

Bibigo dumpling with kimchi...

Price €10.25
Bibigo dumpling with kimchi and pork: Bibigo Dumpling with Kimchi and Pork offers a spicy and flavorful filling with kimchi and pork wrapped in a tender dumpling wrapper, perfect for a satisfying and zesty meal.

Ayuko yakitori satay...

Price €5.95
Ayuko yakitori satay chicken: Ayuko Yakitori Satay Chicken offers a convenient and flavorful option for preparing skewered chicken marinated in a savory and tangy satay sauce, perfect for grilling or roasting.

Bibigo dumpling with tofu...

Price €7.65
Bibigo dumpling with tofu and vegetables: Bibigo Dumpling with Tofu and Vegetables offers a vegetarian-friendly option for preparing steamed dumplings filled with tofu and vegetables, perfect for a meatless meal.

Bibigo dumpling with beef...

Price €9.80
Bibigo dumpling with beef and vegetables: Bibigo Dumpling with Beef and Vegetables offers a convenient option for preparing steamed dumplings filled with savory beef and vegetables, perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.

Bibigo korean fried chicken...

Price €7.65
Bibigo korean fried chicken with sweet spicy sauce: Bibigo Korean Fried Chicken with Sweet Spicy Sauce offers a crispy and flavorful dish with a perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness, perfect for sharing.

Mooijer small intestine of...

Price €8.50
Mooijer small intestine of pigs: Mooijer Small Intestine of Pigs provides a versatile ingredient for cooking or as a delicacy, offering a tender texture and savory flavor.

Vietnamese pork pie GIO DAC...

Price €7.65
Vietnamese pork pie GIO DAC: Enjoy Vietnamese pork pie GIO DAC, packed with savory pork and aromatic spices, perfect for slicing and serving as a snack or appetizer.

Lucky Duck roasted Peking...

Price €26.95
Lucky Duck roasted Peking duck: Lucky Duck presents roasted Peking duck, tender and flavorful with crispy skin, perfect for serving with pancakes, hoisin sauce, and fresh vegetables.

Lakovo vietnamese meat roll...

Price €7.65
Lakovo Vietnamese meat roll: Lakovo presents Vietnamese meat roll, perfect for slicing and serving with rice paper, herbs, and dipping sauce for a refreshing summer roll.

Oriental laos sausages 380gr

Price €9.70
Oriental Laos sausages: Oriental presents traditional Laos sausages, packed with aromatic herbs and spices, perfect for grilling, pan-frying, or adding to noodle dishes.

Oriental beef balls with...

Price €9.85
Oriental beef balls with tendon meat: Oriental Kitchen offers beef balls with tendon meat, packed with flavor and texture, perfect for adding to soups, stir-fries, or enjoying on their own.

Nida cheese hot dogs 500gr

Price €9.35
Nida cheese hot dogs: Nida offers cheese-filled hotdogs, perfect for grilling, pan-frying, or serving in hotdog buns for a cheesy twist on a classic favorite.

Lakovo marbled beef balls...

Price €9.85
Lakovo marbled beef balls: Lakovo presents marbled beef balls, packed with flavor and juiciness, perfect for adding to soups, stir-fries, or enjoying on skewers.

SKK Chinese sausages 360gr

Price €12.65
SKK Chinese sausages: SKK presents Chinese sausages, a classic ingredient in Asian cuisine, perfect for adding to stir-fries, fried rice, or steamed dishes.

Oriental kitchen beef balls...

Price €9.85
Oriental kitchen beef balls: Oriental Kitchen offers tender beef balls, perfect for adding to soups, stir-fries, or enjoying on their own as a snack.