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Aluminium wok cooking ring...

Price €3.30
Aluminium wok cooking ring: Sturdy aluminium cooking ring for stabilizing woks on gas stoves, offering even heat distribution for perfect stir-fries.

TM bamboo basket for steam pot

Price €5.40
TM bamboo basket for steam pot: Traditional bamboo basket for steaming food, perfect for cooking dumplings, buns, and vegetables with natural steam.

Japanese scissors 25cm

Price €17.55
Japanese scissors: Versatile scissors with Japanese craftsmanship, perfect for various kitchen tasks and food preparation.

Dura wok suitable for...

Price €49.50
Dura wok suitable for induction: High-quality wok suitable for induction cooktops, perfect for stir-frying, sautéing, and deep-frying your favorite dishes.

HS Laos wooden mortar and...

Price €9.85
HS Laos wooden mortar and pestle: Handcrafted wooden mortar and pestle from Laos, perfect for grinding herbs, spices, and aromatics with rustic charm.

Tjobek mortar and pestle 18cm

Price €24.20
Tjobek mortar and pestle: Handcrafted stone mortar and pestle, ideal for crushing and grinding spices and herbs to release their full flavor.

Laos earthen mortar and...

Price €13.75
Laos aarden vijzel en stamper: Traditionele aarden vijzel en stamper, perfect voor het malen van kruiden, specerijen en pasta's met authentieke smaak.

TM granite mortar and...

Price €10.45
TM granite mortar and pestle: Granite mortar and pestle, perfect for grinding herbs, spices, and other ingredients with ease.

Grey-black 5-piece sake set...

Price €17.55
Grey-black 5-piece sake set with Fu sign: 5-piece sake set with a grey-black design and Fu sign motif, adding elegance to your sake drinking experience.