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Royal orient lychee in...

Price €2.85
Royal orient lychee in syrup: Juicy lychee fruit preserved in sweet syrup, perfect for enjoying as a refreshing dessert or adding to cocktails and mocktails.

Aroy-D attap palm fruit...

Price €4.70
Aroy-D attap palm fruit seeds in syrup: Tender and sweet attap palm fruit seeds preserved in syrup, perfect for adding a tropical touch to desserts and beverages.

Kara nata de coco with...

Price €1.65
Kara nata de coco with pandan flavor: Jelly-like cubes of nata de coco infused with fragrant pandan flavor, perfect for adding texture and sweetness to desserts and drinks.

Golden Lion gogi berries 150gr

Price €4.35
Golden Lion gogi berries: Nutrient-rich goji berries, prized for their antioxidant properties and sweet-tart flavor, perfect for snacking or adding to recipes.

Sunlee jackfruit in brine...

Price €3.10
Sunlee jackfruit in brine: Tender and succulent jackfruit pieces preserved in brine, perfect for adding tropical flavor to curries, salads, and desserts.

Philippine Brand mango and...

Price €3.50
Sunlee sweet soy sauce: Sweet soy sauce, offering a rich and caramelized flavor with a hint of sweetness, perfect for marinades, dipping sauces, and stir-fries.

Monika coconut jam 340gr

Price €4.75
Oyster mushroom for BBQ: Oyster mushrooms, perfect for grilling or barbecuing, offering a meaty texture and savory flavor.

Monika ube macapuno 340gr

Price €4.35
Monika 5-spices powder: Five-spice powder, providing a fragrant and aromatic blend of spices for seasoning meats, vegetables, and soups.

Chefs Choice aloe vera in...

Price €2.70
Chef's Choice Aloe Vera in Syrup: Tender pieces of aloe vera preserved in sweet syrup, offering a refreshing and soothing treat, perfect for desserts and drinks.

Palm Co pickled lemon 370ml

Price €3.10
Palm Co pickled lemon: Palm Co Pickled Lemon offers a zesty and tangy condiment made from preserved lemons, perfect for adding brightness and acidity to dishes like tagines, salads, and marinades.

Sunlee attap 560gr

Price €4.85
Sunlee attap: Sunlee Attap offers a unique and refreshing taste with its tender texture and sweet flavor, perfect for enjoying on its own or in desserts.

Sunlee rambutan 565gr

Price €5.30
Sunlee rambutan: Sunlee Rambutan offers a sweet and juicy tropical fruit perfect for snacking or adding to fruit salads and desserts.

Wabu sweet tamarind 450gr

Price €4.35
Wabu sweet tamarind: Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor of tamarind in this delightful treat, perfect for snacking or adding a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes.

Sunlee toddy palm slices 565gr

Price €4.30
Sunlee toddy palm slices: Sunlee offers toddy palm slices, sweet and tender, perfect for adding to desserts, salads, or enjoying on their own as a refreshing snack.