Herbal pastes and dipping sauces

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Pantai chili paste with...

Price €7.50
Pantai chili paste with soybean oil medium spicy: Flavorful chili paste with soybean oil, offering a perfect balance of heat and savory umami flavor.

Dua Kuali bumbu sayur asem...

Price €0.90
Dua Kuali bumbu sayur asem seasoning mix for sweet and sour soup: Tangy and aromatic seasoning mix for Sayur Asem, an Indonesian sweet and sour soup, offering a convenient way to achieve authentic taste at home.

Dua Kuali lodeh 50gr

Price €0.90
Dua Kuali lodeh: Fragrant and aromatic lodeh spice mix, perfect for creating a flavorful Malaysian vegetable curry dish.

Haidilao soup base with...

Price €2.20
Haidilao soup base with tomato for hotpot: Savory and tangy tomato-based soup base for hotpot, perfect for adding a refreshing twist to your meal.

Haidilao hotpot soup base 3...

Price €3.75
Haidilao hotpot soup base 3 delicasies: A trio of hotpot soup bases, offering a variety of flavors to enjoy with your favorite hotpot ingredients.

Haidilao pickled cabbage...

Price €2.20
Haidilao pickled cabbage sweet and sour hotpot seasoning: Tangy and flavorful pickled cabbage seasoning for hotpot, adding depth of flavor to your broth.

Haidilao sour soup base...

Price €2.15
Haidilao sour soup base with beef for hotpot: Tangy and savory sour soup base with beef flavor, perfect for hotpot meals with a delicious twist.

Hikari enjuku koji miso...

Price €3.85
Hikari enjuku koji miso soup with wakame: Hearty miso soup with wakame seaweed, offering a comforting and nutritious Japanese-inspired meal.

Patak chili pickle 283gr

Price €4.35
Patak chili pickle: Spicy and tangy chili pickle, perfect for adding a burst of flavor to sandwiches, wraps, and Indian-inspired dishes.

Bibigo vegetarian porridge...

Price €4.00
Bibigo vegetarian porridge: Hearty and comforting vegetarian porridge, packed with wholesome grains and vegetables for a nutritious meal option.

Nittaya green curry paste...

Price €4.95
Nittaya green curry paste: Fragrant and spicy green curry paste, made with authentic Thai ingredients for a delicious and aromatic curry experience.

Koningsvogel bami goreng...

Price €1.80
Koningsvogel bami goreng spice mix: Flavorful spice mix for Bami Goreng, an Indonesian stir-fried noodle dish, offering a convenient way to achieve authentic taste at home.

Koningsvogel carolina...

Price €10.95
Koningsvogel carolina reaper sambal: Fiery sambal sauce made with Carolina Reaper peppers, perfect for adding intense heat and flavor to your favorite dishes.

Nongshim gochugaru for...

Price €13.60
Nongshim gochugaru for kimchi: Vibrant and spicy Korean red pepper flakes, perfect for adding heat and flavor to homemade kimchi.

Sunlee vegan panang curry...

Price €3.75
Sunlee vegan panang curry paste: Spicy and aromatic panang curry paste, made with plant-based ingredients for a delicious vegan meal option.

Sunlee vegan massaman curry...

Price €3.75
Sunlee vegan massaman curry paste: Rich and fragrant massaman curry paste, made with vegan-friendly ingredients for a hearty and comforting meal.