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Choya ume salute sparkling...

Price €4.35
Choya Ume Salute is sparkling plum wine is made from a blend of Italian grape wine and Nanko plum juice from Kishu. It is characterized by its fine bubbles, flavorful...

Cass Korean beer 330ml

Price €1.90
Cass Korean beer: Refreshing Korean beer, perfect for enjoying with Korean barbecue, spicy dishes, or simply on its own.

Jinro fresh chamisul...

Price €7.15
Jinro fresh chamisul classic soju: Jinro's fresh chamisul classic soju offers a smooth and clean taste, making it a beloved choice for enjoying traditional Korean spirits.

ZW sake 750ml 14% Alc.

Price €9.05
ZW sake 14% Alcohol: Traditional Japanese rice wine with a higher alcohol content, offering a rich and smooth taste.

ZW sake 300ml

Price €3.25
ZW sake: A traditional Japanese rice wine, offering a smooth and versatile flavor, perfect for pairing with a variety of dishes.

Choya sake 750ml

Price €13.20
Choya sake: Japanese sake, a rice wine with a smooth taste, suitable for drinking or cooking.