This recipe is for 4 people (1 liter of lemonade)

Shop ingredients

- 50g yellow rock sugar SOUTH WORD

Other ingredients

- 1 liter of water

- 50-75g of fresh ginger

- if desired, a slice of lemon


- bring the water to the boil

- peel the ginger and cut it into fine slices

- add the ginger and sugar to the water

- let gently simmer for 20 minutes (the longer the cooking time, the spicier the ginger flavor)

Let the ginger lemonade (also called ginger tea) cool down. If desired, add some ice cubes and a slice of lemon. Tip: the ginger lemonade can also be served hot and is good for coughs and colds.


Yellow rock sugar 454g...


Chinese rock sugar is irregular lumps of crystallized, refined sugar. It is an opaque, gold-coloured sugar that comes in comes in...