vietnamese spring roll

Vietnamese spring rolls (for 4 persons, preparation time 30 minutes)


Shop items

16 sheets of rice paper (= 4 spring rolls per person)

100 gram of vermicelli

2 TBSP fish sauce


Add yourself

16 baked/grilled shrimps (cut into halves after baking)

a handful fresh mint leaves

a handful fresh koriander (thai or western type)

16 leaves of fresh lettuce (make sure you use a soft type of lettuce, as you will need to wrap it into the spring rolls)

100g fresh bean sprouts

2 TBPS sugar [sauce]

1/2 cup of water [sauce]

3 TBSP lime juice [sauce]

2 cloves of garlic (finely minced) [sauce]

1 or 2 thai chili (thinly sliced) [sauce]

a large bowl with hot water (you will need to put the rice paper in, so make sure it is not too hot!)


Preparation of vermicelli

Soak vermicelli for 10 minutes, then boil for 2 minutes and cool off with cold water. Put aside.


Preparation of the sauce

Mix all the [sauce] ingredients in a small bowl.


Preparation of spring rolls

Put the rice paper in the hot water for 10 seconds.

Lay the wet rice paper on a flat surface (e.g. table or large cutting board) and spread it out as smooth as possible.

In the top half of the rice paper, you put 2 halves of shrimp, salad, the cooled down vermicelli, bean sprouts, mint and koriander leaves.

Make sure you don't put too many ingredients on the rice paper. The more ingredients, the more difficult it will be to roll the spring roll nicely.

Fold the top part of the rice paper over the ingredients, then fold the left and right side inwards so the ingredients are covered. Roll down the rice paper, so you create a nice spring roll.

Put them on a plate and ensure they don't stick together.


Eat them by dipping the spring roll in the sauce and enjoy!



TBSP = table spoon



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