Lychee wine cocktail

Lychee wine cocktail

(serves 1 person, preparation time 5 minutes)


OrientalPanda shop ingredients

1/3 portion lychee wine

1/3 portion lychee juice or nectar

1/3 portion lychee nectar (from can)

1-3 lychees per glass (from can)


Add yourself

2-3 ice cubes per person



Mix all ingredients and add some ice cubes.

Lychee juice


Originating in China, lychee (sometimes spelled litchi) is a tropical fruit known for its sweet and fragrant flavor.

Lychee wine


Lychee wine is a full-bodied Chinese dessert wine made of 100% lychee fruit.

Lychees in syrup


Lychees grow on a tropical tree native to the Guangdong and Fujian provinces of China, where cultivation is documented from 1059 AD. China is...