Our company - Oriental Panda & RaanAsia Bruges = one experienced team.

Oriental Panda was launched in 2018 and was the first website for Asian food in Belgium. After a successful start, the range was continuously expanded. In order to guarantee growth, it was decided in February 2020 to enter into a strategic partnership with RaanAsia, one of the largest Asian stores in Belgium. This allows both partners to expand the product range to more than 1500 products, with hundreds added every month.

Both RaanAsia and Oriental Panda have a close relationship with the Asian market. Our product knowledge allows us to offer original and high-quality products without losing sight of good service. This allows your orders to be shipped within 48 hours, and this 7/7.

RaanAsia opened its doors in June 2012. Our range has been constantly expanded since then. Because there was more and more demand from customers to order online, it was decided to work together with the existing webshop of Oriental Panda.

Asian cooking ... tasty, healthy and cheap!

More and more lovers of tasty and healthy food are discovering Eastern cuisine and rightly so, because Asian dishes are easily digestible, low in fat and varied. Moreover, Eastern cuisine is a colorful world of delicious flavors, scents and colors. Crisp and spicy, sweet and fruity, sour and full of character, are some of the features you will encounter when you embark on a culinary journey through Asia. To be able to cook perfectly Eastern it is best to use the original ingredients from the country of origin. You will find all of these collected in RaanAsia! You will find food from countries such as Thailand, China, Philippines, Japan (everything to make sushi!), Indonesia, Korea, India, etc. Non-food products such as rice cookers, wok, steam baskets and jacks are also for sale. Moreover, during your culinary journey through our range you will find that Asian cooking is not that expensive, most ingredients are surprisingly cheap!