OrientalPanda is a supplier of Oriental products, mainly food and beverages. Our business customers consist of supermarkets, night shops, restaurants and food trucks. We are proud to offer only known branded Asian products, which can not be found in the regular trade, if at all.

OrientalPanda aims at all types of stores, as well as those that are bound to a minimum order value at the wholesalers.

When ordering larger quantities (more than 5 or 10 pieces per product), we may not have enough stock at the time of your order. We will order the products for you and deliver them as soon as possible. Depending on the product and the market situation, the delivery time can take several weeks. Thank you for understanding this. If we cannot deliver immediately, we will contact you in any case.

Service is highly regarded by our company. Contact us without obligation via info@orientalpanda.com or via telephone at +32 (0) 491 152067.