Where do you deliver?

We deliver to most E.U. countries, including Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany. If you wish to order from a country that is not in the list, contact us via info@orientalpanda.com and we will send you a quote.


Is it possible to order with free shipping?

Yes, this is possible from an order value of € 99 in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. Free shipping is only possible for orders with dry food and with a maximum of 27 kilos. There is a fixed cost as soon as fresh or frozen products are ordered.


Which shipping company do you use?

For orders with dry food, drinks and non-food products, traditional shipping companies are used such as bpost, TNT, UPS, DPD, ...

For orders with fresh or frozen products, the orders are delivered via CHRONOFRESH / DPD FRESH (only in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands*).


How long will it take for my order to be delivered with dry food?

Orders are shipped within 72 hours of receiving the order and are delivered on weekdays (including Saturdays in the Netherlands and France). You will receive a track-and-trace email to track your shipment. For Belgium, 98% of shipments are delivered the next working day after delivery to the carrier. For France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg you should count on an average of 5 working days.


In which countries can I order fresh or frozen products?

Orders with fresh and / or frozen products can be ordered in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands*.


Until when can I order fresh and frozen products?

You can order orders with fresh and frozen products up to and including Tuesday. Your orders are sent weekly via CHRONOFRESH / DPD FRESH and are delivered on a fixed delivery day.


Can I combine dry food with fresh and frozen products?

Yes, this is perfectly possible. Your order will then be delivered via CHRONOFRESH / DPD FRESH on a fixed delivery day. You can order until Tuesday.


Why is there no free shipping for fresh and frozen food orders?

Your order will be transported refrigerated from our warehouse to the delivery address. Transport is provided via CHRONOFRESH / DPD FRESH, a transport company that specializes in refrigerated transport. This type of transport is a relatively high cost for us, which is why we are forced to pass on part of the cost, even for larger orders.


When are orders with fresh and frozen products delivered?

This depends on region and country. The delivery day is Thursday or Friday in Luxembourg and the Netherlands*. In Belgium, the delivery day is on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday depending on the number of orders and the region.


Do I have to be at home for orders with fresh or frozen products?

Yes, it is important that someone is present as your order is chilled. You will receive a track-and-trace email from CHRONOFRESH / DPD FRESH on the delivery day. You can still change the delivery address up to the day of delivery.


Why do we ask for your mobile number?

If we are in your area, we will deliver ourselves and inform you by SMS when the delivery will be made. For orders with fresh or frozen products (via DPD FRESH / CHRONOFRESH) we strongly recommend that you enter a mobile phone number so that the driver can reach you if no one is home to receive your order.


What if fresh or frozen products no longer show the expected quality?

If the shipment via DPD FRESH / CHRONOFRESH arrives a few days later than expected, we will refund the costs for the products if the products no longer show the expected quality.
If you have asked DPD FRESH / CHRONOFRESH to deliver on a different day, we will not take any responsibility if the products no longer show the expected quality. After all, you can still change the delivery address on the day of delivery to an address where someone is present to receive your order. The same goes for fresh whole durian delivered on time. We cannot take responsibility for the maturation. The ripening of durians can vary slightly each week.


Why do I sometimes receive an order in an export box?

We strive to reuse as much packaging material as possible (boxes, tube sleeves to protect bottles, gel packs, ...). If we can reuse original export boxes, we will do this too. By the way, these export boxes are very strong, which is good for the protection of your products.


What to do with the gel packs that are used with frozen products?

If you order frozen products, gel packs will be delivered in an isomo box. These can be reused without any problem (freeze at least 2 days in advance). The gel packs contain a gel that should not be poured down the drain. If you do not wish to reuse the gel packs, please consider them as residual waste.


What if something is damaged?

As a customer you always have the right to refuse a damaged package. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you always receive the package because usually only 1 product is damaged. You will always receive a refund for the products that are damaged or we will resend the damaged product. If you refuse the package and it is returned, it takes a long time before we get the package back and we can only refund the amount after receiving the returned package.


What if a product is not in stock?

We do our best to correctly display the stock of the online products. However, it may happen that products are not in stock after ordering. You will automatically receive a refund for this. This refund is always corona proof: you will be refunded the amount via the same payment method that you used. We do not put money in an envelope for the refunded amount.