Instant noodle pork 60g MAMA


VAT included

Enjoy the famous MAMA instant noodles with pork flavour. In just a few minutes your noodles dish is ready!


Mama is Thailand’s most famous brand of instant noodles, and IMO the BEST instant noodles in the world! Seasoning packets aside, the noodles themselves are so unique and tasty that people love using them in various recipes, and this salad is a super classic Mama recipe! Being “instant” noodles, they’re super quick to cook, and the texture holds up well whether it’s served, warm, room temp or even cold. Mama noodles have become an integral part of Thai cuisine to the point that some noodle soup vendors offer them as a noodle option! You can also eat them dry as a snack, as most Thai kids do, because they are fully cooked, crispy, and totally addictive!


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